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Exterior Log Siding Products

Dura-Log log siding gives you an authentic log look in a practical siding product. Dura-Log's 'Half-Log' milling includes a small reveal that creates a more dramatic installed shadow line for a distinctive real log look. Made from hand-selected Pine, Dura-Log offers rustic charm and beauty that helps you to achieve the log cabin look of your dreams.

Dura-Log Advantages

It's Less Expensive Dura-Log siding can be installed inside or outside on a conventional housing frame for a natural log cabin look, without the cost of a real log wall. Conventional construction techniques allow your wiring, plumbing, and ductwork to be run easily and at a greatly reduced cost when compared to a real log home. This adherence to standard techniques also allows for unrestricted design of doorways and windows.
It Has Four-Season Stability. Changing temperatures and moisture levels can cause seasonal shrinking and expanding in full-log homes. But Dura-Log siding is kiln-dried and attached to a conventional frame which minimizes these shifts. The shiplap design adds protection from wind and rain without chinking.
It's Versatile. Along with Dura-Log siding, Cedar Shingles Direct provides an exclusive selection of finishing touches to complete the look and feel you want for your home. We offer inside (1/4 round) and outside (3/4 round) corner log trim, as well as Dura-Log Hewn Trim for your windows and doors.
It Installs Easily. Dura-Log siding can be easily applied without special tools or knowledge of a qualified contractor. The siding is machined to uniform dimensions that eliminates the need for special trimming. Even the full-log corners may be installed with minimal field work.

To compliment the natural beauty that Dura-Log log siding offers, Cedar Shingles Direct has a complete line of products that will put the finishing touch on your dream home. In addition to our prefinished outside corners, inside corners, and Dura-Log Hewn Trim for the exterior, we also offer Dura-Groove® tongue and groove, Dura-Trim, and pre-finished Maple hardwood plank flooring for the interior of your home.


* Dura-Log siding displays many of the same characteristics of genuine log cabin homes. The knots may bleed; resin and surface checks (cracks) may appear over time. These are natural characteristics of wood that simulate a genuine log appearance. Bevel cut siding at butt joints to form an overlap seam. Seal ends with Dura-Log Tinted Sealer. This will seal out moisture and prevent white lines at butt joints. Always use foam slip sheeting when re-stacking materials at the job site. This will prevent sticking and finish damage. Keep siding covered to prevent excessive moisture from entering bundles of siding. Moisture between layers of siding may cause coating damage.
exterior log cabin siding

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