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Advantages of Prestaining

Factory application is a process that assures a longer lasting and higher quality job than traditional "on site" application. Our unique three coat factory finish is applied in a factory controlled environment to provide maximum beauty and protection.
  • Factory staining beats the cost of field staining by up to half.
  • Prestaining helps eliminate the problems of shrink lines, lap marks, streaking and over-spray.
  • No weather delays, no waiting for painters to show up, no lost production time.
  • One process installation saves time and money.
  • Every piece of wood is dried, precision milled and stained to provide long lasting beauty.
  • Coating adhesion is improved when compared to wood that is allowed to weather while waiting to be coated.
  • Prestaining provides instant curb-appeal.
Here's what the experts say about prestaining:
"Priming or prefinishing cedar products (all sides, edges and cut ends) before it is installed, can provide extra protection and often prevent adhesion problems and premature finish failure... Prefinishing is recommended in all circumstances."
Western Wood Products Association
Technical Guide
Installation and Finishing 1992

"Backprimed wood resists absorbing moisture from the back that can cause the finish to blister and peel. It nearly eliminates cupping and extractive bleed. Some of our first backprimed bevel projects still sport their original finish and after nearly seven years still look like new."
November 1997

advantages to prestaining - prefinishing log siding
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